Successive High-Speed Moleculized Instrument 
(Wet Model) 

1.  Suitable for grinding pigment or ointment, use stone to mill the granules in product, to increase the smoothness and luster of filling product.
2.  Successive running, it creates mass production, it takes the place of ball mill, triple roller mill. The output is double than other types of mill.
3.  The interval of upper and lower stone is adjustable, it can process the particle of 5 micron.

Lipstick Vacuum Melting & De-aerating Equipment 

1.  The lipstick product is mixed and dispersed in high speed under vacuum, it can get perfect color expression.
2.  The working step is from heating¡÷mixing¡÷vacuum deaerating ¡÷cooling, it forms complete procedure for lipstick or familiar product.
3.  The inside mixing blade is variable, suitable for various products.

Double Tank Melting & Mixing Equipment (Lifting)

Pour material into mixing tank and set the timer before your working time, when it reach the set time, the equipment starts melting, mixing and heating-insulation. It uses timers to help the preparation before working which can save lot of labor and time. The dual tank can be raised for material discharging. The cleaning and changing over are easy, it meets CGMP standard.

Lipstick Filling And Cooling Equipment

1.  Suitable for small quantity production of lipstick(ointment).
2.  Jacket tank with mixer to prevent the paste precipitated.
3.  Underneath the working table is with cooling system for the mould after filling. It helps cool the mould and take out the bulk easily.
4.  The material tank can be changed quickly, and cleaning is easy also.

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