High Speed Mixer / Granulator

The main reason of granulation is to avoid the powder soaring and change, to improve the fluidity, increase the preservation and the quantitative filling. This equipment use the most simple way for granulation, it adds liquid combination into powder during mixer and powder become granule mixtures. It's used widely in the preparation of pellets which are filled into capsule and the granule forming and tableting. The mixing tank adopts mirror polishing treatment, it meets C.G.M.P. standard.


1.  There is air seal unit for the main blades and chopper, it can prevent the pollution.
2.  The turtle-shell shape vessel of mixing, it increases the efficiency of mixing.
3.  This equipment is with security unit which can insure the safety of operator.
4.  Easy to mix and separate in a short time for various materials. Easy for operation, timer control unit and pneumatic discharge unit are equipped.
5.  Standard capacity: 30L, 100L, 150L, 200L, 300L, 400L, 600L, 800L, 1000L, 2000L, welcome to contact us for special order.
6.  Application: Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical, Dyes, Pigment etc.

Specification :

Model Working Capacity Impeller HP Impeller RPM Chopper HP Chopper RPM
HS-MP30 10L 2HP 351/175 1HP 3450/1735
HS-MP100 30L 10HP 351/175 3HP 3450/1735
HS-MP200 70L 20HP 235/117 7.5HP 3505/1750
HS-MP300 100L 25HP 235/117 7.5HP 3505/1750

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