Small volume filling machine for cream

1.  Proper for small volume filling, such as mascara or sample product.
2.  The filling volume and speed is adjustable, easy for operation.
3.  Easy assembly and dismantling, simple cleaning.

Piston Type Fixed Quantity Filling Machine For Viscous Materials

1.  This machine takes piston method of filling materials, so it is suited for filling a wide variety of materials in larger and in small quantities.
2.  Volume adjustment is so simple that it can respond to the change of filling volume rapidly.
3.  The filling machine can be easily dismantled and cleaned up.
4.  To equip with casters, the filling machine can be moved around for multi purposes.
5.  As product contact part is made of stainless steel sus#304, inner cylinder is finished with grinding, filler is sanitary standard and precise filling.
6.  Suitable for various container or tubes.

Semi-Automatic Rotating Bottle Filling Machine For Cream

1.  Filling outputĄG10~15 pcs/min
2.  Filling volumeĄG20~120gm
3.  HopperĄG50L(sus#, single layer)
4.  This is improved model for filling cream, rotating with high and low speed during filling to make sure all corners are filled up and air free. Easy for assembly, disassembly and cleaning. 
5.  Simple volume adjustment, filing volume can be changed immediately.

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