Vacuum Type Restrictive Liquid 
Surface Speed Charger

1.  Material available : Glass bottle or rigid plastic bottle
2.  Caliber of bottle¡G£X6-20m/m 
3.  Height of bottle¡G30-180m/m 
4.  Filling speed¡G30-40pcs/min 
5.  Advantage¡GThe liquid level can be on the same height after filling.
6.  Easy to assemble and operate.
7.  Suitable for cosmetic, liquid, perfume, essence, lotion ....., Etc.

Two Nozzle Liquid Charger

1.  This machine adopts a piston type filling, suitable for liquid.
2.  Simple volume adjustment and can change filling volume rapidly.
3.  Dual nozzle can descend into bottle to de-bubble.
4.  No drop out in nozzle, filling volume is precise and sanitary.
5.  Machine moves easily because of equipping with casters.
6.  Cleaning, assembly and disassembly of this machine are easy.
7.  Good for filling liquid of middle or small volume, such as shampoo, lotion and cosmetic liquid.


Model Filling Volume
( c.c.)
Filling Capacity
( pcs / min.)
( HP )
HS-MF250 25~250 10~30 0.5
HS-MF500 50~500 10~25 0.5
HS-MF1000 100~1000 6~20 1.0

Semi-Auto Capping Machine (Pump head type)

Suitable caliber : £p20~45 mm

Dosing Machine

1.  Simple and versatile and guarantees the best operation without any maintenance.
2.  Structure and covering in stainless steel.
3.  Adjustable dosage from 5 up to 30 ml.
4.  Dosage of products such as oil, perfume, lotion etc.
5.  Possible assembly of dosage repeater.
6.  Direct from product tank suction.
7.  Pneumatic filling.

Pneumatic Liquid Filling Machine

1.  This machine is pneumatic controlled, and with explosive-proof.
2.  Accurate filling system, the accuracy is ¡Ó0.5c.c.
3.  Simple operation, easy to assemble and maintain.
4.  You can choose continuous filling or manual filling.

Bag Filling Machine

1.  Open the opening of bag by vacuum system.
2.  Suitable for decomposable bag, the max. volume of filling is 1.5L
3.  Precise filling system, easy to assemble and maintain.

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