1.  The material go through three stage mixing heads (fine, very fine, extra fine) to make the product be micro particle in very short time. 90% of product can reach 1 micron.
2.  This model meets GMP and 3A standard, easy for taking-off and cleaning.
3.  Excellent shearing and milling technologies, it makes the product pass the little clearance between rotor and stator which get high output working.
4.  It's moveable type, can be connected to various product piping for homogenization.

In-Line Homogenizer

1.  The mixer is with high shearing and smashing during the procession, the product could be homogenized quickly in short time.
2. This unit can be used for single liquid processing or several kinds of ingredient mixing.
3.  MINOGA vacuum emulsifying machine can be connected to this unit with piping to get outside circulation homogenization.
4. Sanitary connectors and clamps are used in this unit, it's very easy to do disassembly, assembly and cleaning.
5.  Inline mixer is located on a movable trolley of stainless steel, can be moved to preferred working place.
6.  We are glad to discuss with customer for special request for unique design as requested.

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