Good for mixing the solid (powder) and liquid material, special types of blades rotated in planetary track continuously, shearing, squeezing, kneading are working inside the vessel at same time.


Blades move along the inner wall of vessel and to the center of vessel, transport the material from outside to center part, they reiterate the running and moving, and makes the product can be mixed completely and no dead zone occurred.


Vacuum, pressure, heating and cooling can be proceed at one time, proper for product of 10,000 1,000,000 cps.


Mixing blade of special design angle, the shearing force is increased during mixing and help to finish the even viscosity for product.


To prevent the materials stayed on the inner wall of vessel, teflon scraper unit can be added to help the heat exchange. 


High speed disperser can be installed as requested. 


Different types of mixing blades can be exchanged for various products.


Application: pharmaceutical, bio-technology, cosmetic, electrical materials, and chemicals.

Various types of bladeĄG

J type blades S type blades with disperser Square type blades Butterfly type blades Double S type blades

Moving orbit of square bladesĄG

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