The cylinder through which material contains a revolving shaft and is jacketed. The material is forced through the narrow annular passage between the cylinder and the shaft while heat transfer medium (steam, hot water, Dow-Therm etc. for heating, and cooling water, brine, freon or ammonia etc. for cooling) passes through the jacket and performs heat exchange.


1. Versatility:
*   Designing under ASME form, it accords with 3A & USDA standard.
Completely closed system assures sanitary operation.
Automatic operation holds labor costs to a minimum.
Process temperatures high enough to sterilize and low enough to slush freeze.
2. Efficiency:
Scraped-surface design means to lower energy requirement.
The continuous scraping promotes very rapid heat transfer and keeps product at uniform consistency throughout the temperature progression.
Processing of high-viscous liquid is accomplished in a matter of seconds.
3. Product integrity:
Uniformity of product is assured.
Product luster and transparency are increased.
4. Designed for CIP (Clean in place)
Easy to clean quickly and save time.
Cleaning by hot water or chemical is achievable.


Model Working Capacity
(Liter / HR)
Motor (HP) R. P. M. Machine Size
(L x W x H mm)
Tube 1 Tube 2 Tube 3
HS-IQ100 60~150 1/2 1/2 1 15~120 1100 x 860 x 1100
HS-IQ250 200~350 1 1 2 15~120 1540 x 1250 x 1210
HS-IQ500 350~750 1 2 3 15~120 1800 x 1400 x 1400

※ The output is decided by product, The above specifications are modified without notice.

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